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Our goal at the Inn at the Shore is to provide our guests with a wonderful home base for a memorable Jersey Shore Vacation. Whether you are planning a romantic New Jersey weekend getaway or a weeklong family vacation, we are happy to accommodate you in one or more of our 11 beautiful guestrooms. With our cheerful décor, exceptional amenities, delicious, gourmet breakfasts and close proximity to all that the Jersey Shore has to offer, we are confident that your experience at the Inn at the Shore, a unique hotel alternative in Belmar, NJ, will be memorable. But don’t just take our word for it….

"It’s no wonder everyone loves it here. It’s like being home…"
- Katie  

"This is the fourth or fifth time I’ve been back…When I walk through the door, I say "I’m Home!"
- Sue  

"Color me happy and content…"
- Joan  

"I’m glad I found this lovely piece of heaven - be proud, you have a right to be… "
- Sister Barbara  

"This has been a very happy interlude in my life. Thank you for making it so much more than a place to sleep…"
- Vivian  

"Finally a place that makes you smile every time."
- Maria  

"The porch is so wonderful and a great place to have our family-bonding time."
- Kathleen  

"An added bonus was conversation we enjoyed with fellow guests Fred and Peggy from London. Enjoying their British tea and listening to their stories was an enriching experience."
- Carol and Rob  

"I have never stayed in a bed and breakfast. I’m a city guy…hard and cynical in a tough job and rough environment. You took me back to my childhood - reminded me how to calm down - enjoy the peace that people like you have to offer…"
- F. Graves, U.S. Dept. of Justice, N.Y., N.Y.  

"A super weekend for our family reunion…"
- Jeanne and Adrian  

"Sometimes in this fast-paced world, we forget about what really brings true happiness and contentment. Thank you…"
- Claudia  

"This place is beautiful and very peaceful…made us think about and reconsider many things/events in our lives…"
- Sharon and Dennis  

"It was a pleasant "shock" to jump from the high-speed NYC life filled with stress, dirty streets, angry hurried people, stomach aches and practically oxygen-free air, to…Sycamore trees, shade, sand, teddy bears, rocking chairs, porches, positive sayings, poems, crickets, fresh air, comfort, robes, slippers, welcoming faces and kind words, flowered wallpaper, decorations that were beautiful just for the sake of nicety. Things about life we had almost forgotten…Thank you!"
- Carol and Marie  

"Another pleasant stay….this place is better than home!"
- Rachel  

"When I walked in the door, I felt like I had been here before and had known Tom and Rosemary a long time."
- Pat  

"The house is so beautiful, I wanted to stay forever!"
- Steve and Mary  

"…It’s so cozy and peaceful! P. S. David says this was the best weekend of his life."
- Marla and David  

"We feel like we stepped into a doll house...we’ve always loved Belmar, but the picture is now more complete: Belmar @ The Inn."
- Dalia and John  

"There is a saying that you are a part of everyone you meet and so you will know that you are a part of our lives….your many touches of love and family come through very loud and clear."
- Joy and Randy  

"This was the perfect get-away. Even in the cold February winds, we enjoyed sitting on your porch at midnight. We look forward to returning every Valentine’s Day!"
- Denia and Tanweer  

"100 degrees and 100% humidity are no match for Tom and Rosemary’s warmth ...life is good…Hope we didn’t wear out the rockers!"
- Bill and Rae  

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